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Sue Matsuki in Ella & Me


Regular Seat - $20 (in advance) $30 (at the door)

High Stool - $20 (in advance) $30 (at the door)

+$20 Food & Beverage Minimum

TIMES (show / doors open)

Sat, April 27: 8:00 pm / 6:30 pm

APRIL 27, 2019

Sue Matsuki's award-winning and longest running show, Ella & Me, comes to The Magnolia Room on April 27th at 8:00 pm. The show will feature Sue's long-time Musical Director, Gregory Toroian and other musicians to be announced soon. Sue's connection to Ella goes way back. All the tunes in this show are songs made famous by Ella but this is a show about how Ella spoke to and influenced Sue's life and singing. Sue actually says that no one can sing like Ella so all one can do is celebrate her music in their own way and in their own voice. This is Sue's celebration of this incredible music icon.

Ella & Me

"Matsuki's new show not only represents her best work to date, it is also one of the finest shows I've seen anyone deliver this year. The most striking element of the evening is the remarkable quality of her interpretations – each based on a chosen point of view, devoid of extraneous frills or gestures. There are times when I absolutely love what I do. This is one of them."

Roy Sander,

"When was the last time a jazz singer delivered one liners worthy of a stand-up club? When was the last time a performer captured your heart with simple sincerity? But, it was her vibrant voice and impeccable musicianship that defined the evening."

Bill Van Sant, Essex Journal